About Blue Coast World

Blue Coast World is a music distributor for independent record labels who are committed to artful musicianship and well-recorded sound. Our goal is to capture the audio quality that musicians and producers hear in the studio and share the experience with discerning listeners. Blue Coast World is the first USA distributor to offer 96KHz 24bit files to an international audience. We strive to be the best in music, sound and customer service.

Our flagship label, Blue Coast Records, has impressed the audiophile community with what many consider the new standard of high quality acoustic recording. Using a proprietary recording technique called Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E), producer/engineers Cookie Marenco and Jean Claude Reynaud combined their knowledge to reach this unprecedented level of sonic precision.

All of the music from Blue Coast Records is recorded to 2" analog multitrack. Mixdown formats are analog tape or DSD (direct stream digital). In fact, all labels distributed by Blue Coast World are approved by our expert team only after meeting strict criteria for performance, uniqueness and sonics.

With more than 20 years experience in audio production we assure the highest quality for your listening pleasure by taking supreme care with our masters and delivery methods . The 96 24 audio files have been mastered using our Dynamic Mastering technique and we make every effort to return to the original uncompressed mixes. Our policy of delivering full sized WAV files rather than FLAC or mp3 was developed after several blindfold listening tests. You may, however, request other formats for convenience.

Blue Coast World delivers a fantastic music experience to listeners around the world and provides artists, producers and engineers a place where their skills and intentions are honored. We truly appreciate the support from fans, manufacturers, producers and creators who have allowed us the opportunity to serve this growing community.

Thank you and Enjoy the Music!

Cookie Marenco
Founder Blue Coast World Distribution

We welcome press and promotional opportunities, questions regarding licensing for commercial applications and reseller inquiries. Please contact support@bluecoastworld.com