California Audio Show 2010

Cookie Marenco and Blue Coast World Invite you to attend the California Audio Show.

If you're interested in the latest consumer audio listening devices, this is the show for you!
If you're making audio recordings, this is how the fans are hearing your music!

Hilton Garden Inn San Francisco | Oakland Bay Bridge
1800 Powell Street, Emeryville, CA 94608
Tel (510) 658-9300
Fax (510) 595-1914

Friday, July 30, 2010 � 9am to 6pm
Saturday, July 31, 2010 � 9am to 6pm
Sunday August 1, 2010 � 9am to 4pm


Free passes - go to registration desk, mention you are a guest of Blue Coast World. Leave a business card or your name and email address.

Live Event Schedule

Direct Stream Digital (DSD), The New Frontier... presented by Gus Skinas, Super Audio Center, 1:30-2pm Fri, Sat, Sun.
Gus Skinas will demonstrate how to use a Sony Playstation as the playback means for DSD files. Blue Coast Records will provide DSD audio downloads on the internet for you to try at home. Gus will also demonstrate recording, editing and playback from the Sonoma System. DSD was the recording platform behind SACD.

Live Recording Schedule in Blue Coast World...
Engineered and produced by Cookie Marenco, Sponsored by Blue Coast Records and OTR Studios
Each day Blue Coast World will present live E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment) recording to DSD (direct stream digital) and 96 24 PCM. We will immediately upload these live recordings for 96 and 44.1 download later that evening.
Limited seating. Reservations are suggested. Contact: support(a)
Doors close for 30 minutes during recording.

Friday 11am -- Jane Selkye, Singer / Songwriter, Blue Coast Artist
Friday 4pm -- Gregory James, Contemporary Jazz Guitarist and founder Valence Records

Saturday 11am -- Jason McGuire, Flamenco Guitarist, Blue Coast Artist
Saturday 4pm -- Emily Palen, Solo Violin Improvisations, Valence Records Artist

Sunday 11am -- Joshua and the Juncos / Woodie Guthrie for our times, Blue Coast Artist
Sunday 2pm -- Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai / Singers, Songwriters, multi skilled instrumentalists, Blue Coast Artists

High Resolution Music Downloads, SACDs and CDs available for listening and sale from Blue Coast World Distribution.
Free Discs and Downloads from Blue Coast Records and Valence Records.
Laptop computers will be available to audition full length recordings in headphones.
Unique Indie Artist discs, sample all songs before you buy, Surprise Artist Visits

Earlybird Discounts... 9am to 10:30am Fri, Sat, Sun
We will be offering 20% discounts or rebates on all purchases of discs and downloads during these hours. Come early, stay late.