California Audio Show 2012

Sony Home Theatre and Blue Coast Records invite you to the California Audio Show 2012

Blue Coast World 2012

In association with Downloads NOW! and DSD-Guide

August 3, 4, and 5

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Burlingame, CA 94010  (650) 342-9200
On the Ground Floor, Plaza One Ballroom

Friday 11-6,  Saturday 11-6,  Sunday 11-4

Come hear the fabulous Sony AR1 and AR2 speakers!  Audition the lastest DSD recordings from Blue Coast Records using Sony's SCD-XA5400ES SACD/CD player and MDR-7520 headphones. Hear the difference for yourself!

Live Performance and Recording to DSD with artists from Blue Coast Records, Chesky Records and Immersive Records (see below)

Free Passes for audio students (see below)

Meet the rock stars of DSD Audio in a panel discussion Friday 2pm-3:30pm (see below)

If you're interested in the latest consumer audio listening devices, this is the show for you.
If you're making audio recordings, meet listeners who care about their audio quality.
This is not your 8 year old's mp3 show.

Free Passes for audio students!

Click here to receive your free passes to the show. (coming)

Live Performance and Recording Schedule

Each day Blue Coast World will present live E.S.E. (Extended Sound Environment) recording to DSD (direct stream digital). Engineered and produced by Cookie Marenco, sponsored by Blue Coast Records and equipment / crew provided by OTR Studios. Music will be uploaded for DSD, 96 and 44.1 download the soon after the recording.

For Free DSD, High Resolution and 44.1 Downloads from the Live Recording at the California Audio Show, click on this link and log in to

Limited seating. Reservations are suggested. Contact: support(a)
Doors close for 30 minutes during recording.

  • Friday 12pm -- Keith Greeninger, Blue Coast Records, singer songwriter / guitar and vocals

  • Friday 4pm --  Emily Palen, Valence Records, solo violin improvisations

  • Saturday 12pm --  Joshua Lowe and The Juncos, Indie Artist, singer songwriter /guitar, vocals -featuring Jeff Kissell on upright bass

  • Saturday 4pm -- Steve Vidaic, Immersive Records, singer songwriter / guitar and vocals

  • Sunday 12pm --  Valerie Joyce, Chesky Records, Jazz vocalist, featuring Marco de Carlvaho on guitar

  • Sunday 2:30pm --  Janet Feder, Indie Artist, singer songwriter / avante guitarist

DSD Audio -- Join the Cutting Edge

A panel discussion Friday 2pm-3:30pm  Meet the Artists, Engineers and Manufacturers pioneering DSD music delivery to fans around the world

We've come a long way since the California Audio Show of 2010. Blue Coast Records debuted DSD audio delivery through the internet using live recordings made at that show.  Since then, dozens of companies have jumped on the bandwagon to support DSD audio with song managers, DSD DACs, and new music.  At CAS3, we'll bring artists, engineers, and manufacturers together to answer your questions about about setup, recording while discussing the future of this incredible format.

Other Activities

DSD and other High Resolution Music Downloads, SACDs and CDs available for listening, promotion and sale from Blue Coast World Distribution.
Wi-Fi and Laptop computers will be available to audition full length recordings in headphones in Blue Coast World, Plaza One, Lower Level.
Bring your laptops for free download of Korg AudioGate instruction directly into your laptops!

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